Monterey Station Apartments Reviews

See what other people are saying about our Pomona apartments! At Monterey Station Apartments Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can't wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.



I lived at Monterey Station in Pomona for 2 years in a split level loft. My bedroom was upstairs (very cool floor plan with very tall large floor to ceiling windows that flooded the place with natural light). This style set the tone for the rest of the places I rent because the layout was dope. Anytime I had guests over, the first thing they’d notice is how tall the ceilings are and how bright the entire unit is. The community is also conveniently located near the 10, 60, and 71 and so access to the surrounding cities of Ontario, Claremont, Chino Hills, and Diamond Bar is a neat perk. CON: The main “bad” thing about the complex has nothing to do with the staff — the tenants just don’t really seem to care much about this place. Trash bags will be left in the middle of hallway, as if someone was on their way to toss the trash but gave up halfway and just left. Maintenance would always clean up but it would be annoying to see the laziness of some tenants — especially because they know maintenance will clean up their mess. Sad. Besides the tenants disrespecting the premises, actual staff made living there very enjoyable! PRO: Management and maintenance are great! The cleaning crew and maintenance guys never skipped a beat when it came to ensuring the premises were taken care of; those guys are great workers. And the on-hand technicians were super helpful and personable when fixing issues in units. The actual office staff has increased my expectations because they’re attentive, available, and also personable (I’ve heard horror stories of office staff at other communities so this was such a treat). Respect them and they’ll respect you! PRO: There are washers/dryers in each unit — an awesome perk! Because who actually wants to walk down to some shared facility to wash something if there’s an emergency in the middle of the night? Plus, people are grimy. The actual W/D in my unit could be replaced — the grime on/in it from previous tenants had me feeling like I didn’t even wanna use it at times. But I digress! PRO: Lights were eventually installed on the exterior buildings and security was hired toward the end of my lease to increase safety — which I found beneficial. The exterior building lights are bright so you feel more comfortable walking the premises at night. Security is OK — he’s a bit too serious but it’s nice having his presence there to deter questionable characters. CON: There are many homeless in the surrounding area (at no fault of Monterey Station). I happened to move in when management was making security upgrades like fixing the gate entrance into the lot and fobs to enter the buildings, elevators, and stairways. CON: There are roaches. During my time there, I saw 4 in my actual unit — and that’s with being clean even though I cooked most meals. You have to keep your place clean AND organized on a weekly basis, use airtight containers/don't leave food out, and clean with peppermint products to deter them otherwise roaches will be hanging out with you. PRO: The package concierge is legit; it’s the best way to receive packages safely. Yes, we have individual mailboxes and sometimes packages could be left in the mailroom for you to sift through, but the locker system notifies you when a package arrives. I felt like I had peace of mind (for the most part) regarding deliveries (unless the deliverer was incompetent, which is no fault of the staff). I wish every complex had this delivery system set up… just overall convenient. OVERALL: I enjoyed my time here — I just needed a change like a bigger place, cheaper rent, and surroundings that are a bit safer. Again, this isn’t any fault of the actual complex; being one block away from Holt inevitably decreases the safety. Would I live here again? Maybe… just depends on my circumstances.


I would have to say Montoya is awesome and the she was fast and efficient me and my girlfriend were approved the same day and she definitely made sure we were able to be in as soon as we wanted to. Thank you Montoya for your excellent management services and speedy move in. This is both mine and my girlfriends first place together as adults and a couple and we are extremely happy. I also want to thank my case worker for working step by step with is and making sure we found a right fit.


The apartment is spacious there's a pool there's a gym there's a pool table room leasing office people are great.



Kevin helped me out with the sink and my thermostat and fixed them in less than 10 minutes. Maintenance always comes by quickly after submitting requests. 🙌🏽




Everything has been smooth since living here. I was able to get a unit fast. Anthony was so helpful in this process.



It’s usually quiet and has been that way ever since I moved in 4 years ago. Maintenance is very competent respectful and timely. They’ll even replace your lightbulbs and alarm batteries at no cost to you. Indoor as well as outdoor Amenities are usually well kept. Once, I threw an event by the pool and it was well received by my guests!