Monterey Station Apartments Reviews

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Friendly staff. Great amenities. The staff did everything they could to quickly get My family into a unit.



Move in Access was a little tricky. I do love the apartment building is protected by a key fob and security doors but when it comes to moving in it is sort of a hassle having to use the key fob every time definitely when you have heavy stuff that you are trying to get through the gate and up the elevator. Other than that Montoya is amazing she did a wonderful job getting me in quickly. Great amenities inside of the unit. Parking is also good.



So far FANTASTIC. Very Nice Place....



I have throughly enjoyed my experience at Monterey Station and im sad to go. Ive been here for a year and ill start off with move-in and the staffs . Move in was so easy i dont even remember the process lol. Anthony took care of me and was very personable, i was his first applicant upon getting hired and he did a great job which means he had great training. The rest of the leasing team and managment is extremely friendly and helpful as well. Shout out to Kevin! Just the last year ive seen them address a multitude of residents complaints; they got a no trespassing permit for the complex which allows police to actually arrest someone not permitted on the property, theyve installed extra dog poo bags in higher traffic areas that needed them, they installed speed bumps in the parking lot since ppl would speed in, and key fob requirements for the elevator. Maintenance is great, prompt, and friendly. And i see janitorial working hard every morning to maintain the outside of the complex. The units and the complex itself are beautiful. Not pristine, but at like 90% besides usual wear n tear since the building is almost 10 years old. Ive had virtually 0 issues with my specific unit. Neighbors are extremely nice!! It was the first thing i noticed when i moved in. Its filled with young professionals, students, or young families. I promise you will not find this nice of a complex with all amenities at this price in virtually all of LA. Similar apts go for at least $200-$300 more a month, even in similar cities. I dont mean to invalidate other residents complaints but it should be known Pomona isnt the best city despite the city trying to make improvements, which means you have to be vigilant & lock your car doors and know what youre getting youself into when you move to this city. I blame a lot of their complaints on ignorance of where they moved and high expectations. That being said i still enjoyed living in pomona, the chillest caffe Wish You Were Here, the best pho at pho vina, and the best west coast vibe at Krazy Js. Youre also very close to some amazing shopping in Chino Hills. Thanks Monterey Station for the past year!




The front desk/ leasing and maintenance people are really nice. I really love the neighbors here...everyone is so friendly!